'30 Hours Free from September 2017'

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'30 Hours' free nursery education
 'Tots' is pleased to say we will as of September 2017 be offering the 30 hours entitlement for eligible parents, more details will be published in the coming weeks, we encourage parents to register an interest as soon as possible as spaces will be limited.

You may have seen a lot in the news and locally on social media regarding the extended 30 free hours, stating it is not sustainable in its present state, due to the level of funding provided by Suffolk County Council.
In the past there was different levels of funding given to providers based on the level of qualification held by the members of staff, this was known as a 'quality' supplement. As of the summer term this year that has been removed and there is now a level playing field amongst providers, with regard funding paid to everyone including schools. As there is now over 80% of providers rated as good or outstanding the quality is there for most, and the available funding is more evenly spread.
What does 'Free nursery education' mean to parents?. Well 'free' means 'free', if you are eligible for the 30 hours then you the parent will pay nothing, that is not to say that a provider is not subsidising the free entitlement.
How each business model works is for the individual provider to decide, it may be that you can have 6 hours each day for 5 days, and if you require 8 hours each day you would have to pay for the additional hours directly to the provider, the rate charged for the additional hours is for the individual provider to decide, this however must not be a condition of the free entitlement. 

To see if you are eligible for the 30 Hours go to childcare choices.gov.uk to check.