'30 Hours Free from September 2017'


Lunch is served daily at 12.00 Noon.

At ‘Tots’ we aim to provide a nutritious diet with the maximum variation that children will eat. All food is prepared in our own kitchen with the best use of fresh ingredients.


A sample weekly menu



Tuna pasta bake

Jelly and ice cream


Roast chicken, Yorkshire pudding and fresh veg

Apple pie and custard


Lasagne, peas and garlic bread

Angel delight


Shepherd’s pie and mixed veg

Fruit salad


Mild chicken curry with rice and nann bread

Flap jacks


Lunch is provided free of charge to all children attending for a full day, for children attending only the morning session lunch will be charged as per our price list. Packed lunches are also welcome should that be your choice.

We will endeavour to accommodate any dietary needs your child may have.



Snacks are served throughout the day, which include; fresh and dried fruit, carrot and bread sticks, cucumber etc.



A variety of drinks are available at lunchtime and throughout the day. Fresh drinking water is available at all times. All snacks and drinks are provided free of charge.


Every member of staff that prepares food has attended a food hygiene course and holds an appropriate qualification.