'30 Hours Free from September 2017'

Education & Curriculum

All the children at ‘Tots’ are encouraged to learn through play, our curriculum covers all the key areas of learning and is designed to meet the needs of the children.

Long, medium, and short-term plans are all displayed in the cloak- room along with details of all our topics, which we will be covering in the coming months. We keep detailed records on the development of all children attending ‘Tots’ and these are available to be viewed and discussed at any time. Parents/carers are always encouraged to add details of their child’s progress and experiences outside of nursery to help keep these development records accurate.

To summarise our curriculum will help prepare your child for the demands of full-time education by:

             Building the foundations for future learning.
             Providing access to a wide range of resources and activities.
             Fostering an enthusiasm for learning.

Supported by the staff your child will learn to: -

            Gain independence.
            Communicate well with staff and other children.
            Adapt to daily routine.

‘Tots’ supports children with special educational needs (Sen.) and also children who speak English as an additional language.


Ofsted (office for standards in education)

At ‘Tots’ we adhere and work within the Early Years Foundation Stage, as set out by Ofsted to ensure all children in our care get the best possible outcome.


Policies and Procedures

A copy of our policies is always available for inspection.