'30 Hours Free from September 2017'

Nursery Staff

Here at ‘Tots’ we consider it vitally important that your children should only be cared for by experienced and qualified staff, this is why every member off staff has a nationally recognised qualification. The training of staff is an on-going process; each member attends updated courses throughout the year.

For the peace of mind of parents/carers every member of staff have all gained a qualification in paediatric first aid, ensuring that at all times a first aid person is on call.


We operate a ‘key person’ scheme whereby, ‘every child that attends’ will be allocated its own ‘key person’. Each member of ‘key person’ status will be responsible for a small group of children and become their principal carer. This ensures the consistency of staff to help your child receive a sense of security. Generally your ‘key person’ is a first point of contact should you wish to discuss any aspect of care, but at ‘Tots’ we are small enough, that every member of staff can update you on any concerns you may have.


‘Tots’ also forms partnerships with the local high school and college to enable the next generation of child practitioners to gain valuable experience. These people however are never included in the child to carer ratios.


Every person employed by ‘Tots’ has been checked by the ‘Disclosure and Barring Services’ (DBS) to enhanced level. References are thoroughly investigated to ensure only the highest standard of person cares for your child.